By now, most of you are familiar with the Renee Gork story. Gork is the former correspondent for Hog Sports Radio in Springdale who wore a Florida Gators hat to Saturday's Razorback post-scrimmage press conference.

She drew a playful tongue-in-cheek comment from quarterback Ryan Mallett and the ire of Coach Bobby Petrino, who in the presser answered a Gork question and then deadpanned that he wouldn't answer another from her while she was wearing her Gator garb. See the video here. On Monday, the radio station fired Gork. And a national media firestorm ensued.

Did we mention that Gork is a Florida grad, or that she had, according to her former employer, been tweeting scrimmage information from her personal Twitter account (since taken down) during the scrimmage, a violation of University of Arkansas protocol, or that she had posted comments complaining about the Razorbacks on her Facebook page?

You can say what you want about whether Hog Sports Radio was right to fire Gork or Petrino was right to call her out (and believe us, plenty of people are talking about it -- at length).

What catches our eye is that this is yet another incident of an employee whose online conduct has affected her professional life. When will employees learn that their online lives, however "personal" they may deem them to be, still take place on the open web -- a web that's infinitely searchable with a long memory?

We've seen another case of this recently, when four KARK-TV, Channel 4 employees were fired after a pair of profanity-filled videos -- produced inside KARK's Little Rock studios -- were posted to YouTube.

With numerous articles, news stories reporting similar incidents, and with dozens of companies and online services designed to clean your online reputation, it's a wonder that people still aren't thinking when they post to the web -- even journalists, who should be familiar with the idea of self-editing.

So what do you think? Why do these indicidents keep repeating themselves? And what do you do to manage your online reputation?

Let us know in comments.