Detail of Dogma by John Deering

Night Owls, an exhibit of new paintings by John Deering, opens with a wine and cheese reception from 6-8 p.m. today (Nov. 4) at Cantrell Gallery, 8206 Cantrell Road, Little Rock.

Admission is free.

Deering has been an editorial cartoonist and illustrator for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette since 1981. His comic strips Strange Brew and Zack Hill are distributed by Creators Syndicate, as are his editorial cartoons. He is also a figurative sculptor.

“My landscapes usually function to provide backdrops for a protagonist," he says. "Animals, birds and people have been featured, with the animals being shown attending parties and gatherings. I sometimes show scenes of the natural world encroaching on or reclaiming the civilized world. I’ve often done this by showing animals or landscapes overrunning or enveloping rooms or houses. All of these arrangements are created to try to evoke a particular mood - the same sort of mood one becomes aware of when a season changes, say summer changing to fall."

The show continues through Dec. 24. For more information call (501) 224-1335.