There are plenty of pet resources around central Arkansas to pamper you new pup.

Did you get a puppy for Christmas? Find all sorts of cute, functional and must-have gear for your new best friend at Just Dogs! Gourmet, Premium Pets, and The Dog Bowl.

Just Dogs! at 17711 Chenal Parkway, Little Rock, features fashionable leashes, harnesses, coats, collars, bandanas, carriers, ceramic bowls, toys, Razorback and Dallas Cowboy-themed collars, leashes, tags, jerseys and T-shirts, shampoos, aromatherapy spritzes, treats, and dog cakes for special occasions. Call (501) 821-5774.

Premium Pets, 8212 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, offers quality pet food, treats, toys, supplies, a self-bathing facility, dog shampoos and conditioners, and a knowledgeable staff that includes former vet techs, pet trainers, show dog enthusiasts and breeders. Call 501-221-9873.

The Dog Bowl, 11525 Cantrell Road, Ste. 605, Little Rock, carries a range of healthy and holistic foods, stylish collars and leashes, as well as treats and a variety of toys. Call 501-353-1260.

And here are some suggestions on how to take care of the new four-legged arrival from the website

The first weeks of life with your new puppy will be busy and demanding. Try to maintain patience and a sense of humor. Extra effort now will pay off later.

Your puppy needs a comfortable, draft-free place to sleep. If that place is your bed, realize that this will quickly become a habit, so make sure it's a commitment you want to make.

To crate or not to crate? It's your decision. Crates give dogs a safe, cozy place to stay. They can help with housebreaking and make it easier to control destructive behavior. But some owners feel like they're putting their dog in a cage when using a crate. Find out more about crates by clicking here. 

Puppies do most of their investigating with their mouths and are of course attracted to things they shouldn't have like electrical cords, fringes on imported rugs, your new running shoes, and expensive handbags. Get these items out of the pup's reach. Preventing troublesome chewing is easier than trying to correct the puppy every other minute. 

Walk around your yard in search of potential hazards, which include anyplace your pup can get trapped or stuck. Check your fence for escape routes (pups are amazingly resourceful at squeezing through tiny breaks). If there's no fence, keep the pup on a leash. As much as you want to believe he'll run back to you if you call him, it might not happen. 

Dogs like routine, so work out a schedule that centers on housebreaking, socializing, mealtimes and bedtime.

For information on obedience training, veterinarian checkups, the possibility of co-existence between dogs and cats and more click here.