Southwest Power Pool has announced that it will add 50 new jobs at an average salary of $83,500 to its Little Rock workforce, according to Arkansas Business.

What's not to like about that? Or rather, are they taking applications yet?

Unfortunately for math and science challenged bloggers like us, the jobs will come in the areas of IT, legal, financial, engineering, training and analysis.

In case you were wondering, $83k goes a long way in Little Rock. That'll take care of some shopping out at the Promenade at Chenal (just down the street from SPP's new still-under-construction corporate campus in WLR) or perhaps Pleasant Ridge.

In other words, runs to Target can be relevated to "just for kicks."

The new employees will join the more than 500 SPP workers currently working out of locations in Little Rock and Maumelle. Once the $62 million corporate headquarters is finished this spring, all SPP employees will be located on the one campus.

In the meantime, city leaders sit back and anticipate a nice little infusion to the tax base.