Surprise your girlfriends with a Valentine from Mad Men's Jon Hamm. 

There will be plenty to do on Valentine's Day hereabouts -- a lengthy post on events is in the works and will appear shortly on -- but in the meantime, you can send your girlfriends a Valentine from Mad Men's Jon Hamm (well, they'll think it's from Jon Hamm), which will make them incredibly happy.

What's a Hamm-O-Gram? Glad you asked. A Hamm-O-Gram is a customized piece of postage containing a photograph of undisputably handsome actor Jon Hamm (he plays glamorous, mysterious and unpredictable Don Draper on Mad Men, which will have its season premiere in March) along with a love note from him, personalized for the recipient's pleasure. Each picture is spritzed with a squeeze of manly musk and speckled with glitter. 

Here's how to send a Hamm-O-Gram: Here are the simple steps:

1. Get your friend's mailing address. Yes, this is a tangible gift. It's not a e-card.

2. Go to

3. Buy your friend a Hamm-O-Gram. Allow time for letter to be mailed. 

4. Try to be present when your friend opens the envelope.

Cost: $5.50. To order click here. To view frequently asked questions scroll to the bottom after clicking. 

Coming soon: (Ryan) Gosling-O-Grams.