Mimosas -- made with sparkling wine and orange juice -- are traditionally served in flute glasses.

Mimosas are so refreshing, and so easy -- orange juice and sparkling wine combined in a flute glass.

But some mimosas are better than others. Here are hints from Little Rock's Colonial Wine & Spirits on how to make yours memorable:

  • Don't use a sweet sparkling wine. The orange juice will add all the sweetness you need. Go with a dry base like Scharffenberger Brut, Segura Viudas Brut or a dry Prosecco.
  • Use the best possible orange juice. Top choice would be oranges squeezed fresh in your kitchen. But if you don't have the time, head to the grocery for juice that's not made from concentrate and contains no added sugar.
  • Be mindful of the proportions. Mix to taste but don't go over half orange juice/half wine in each glass. Experiment to find what mix you like the most.
  • Think about a twist or garnish. If you are squeezing juice by hand, why not muddle in some strawberries or mint? Then garnish with that same thing. It is an easy way to make your mimosas really stand out.

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