Get a history lesson on Arkansas towns and entities on the go with the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture's new mobile site.

Arkansans can now brush up on their state history on the go.

Butler Center for Arkansas Studies' free source of history, geography and culture in Arkansas, the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture website, has gone mobile.

Entries and galleries offer detailed information and pictures about the people, places, events and culture that have helped shape Arkansas into what it is today.

The mobile site will allow users to find a historical entry on towns around Arkansas in a format that specially designed for smart phones. It will also have a Photo of the Day and "This Day in Arkansas History," updated daily.

As of this month, the site has more than 3,100 entries and 4,200 pieces of media, which can be accessed through the mobile site.

Smart phones and other mobile devices like iPads will be access the mobile version of the site automatically, but readers can also check out the mobile version on their Macs or PCs by clicking here.

Go to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture's Facebook page for more information about the new mobile site.