Little Rock offers a few places to adopt a furry friend.

There is something so rewarding about taking in a rescue animal. If you're on a quest to find a dog or cat to add to your brood, there are a few shelters that should be a part of the search.

Here, we highlight three places in the capital city:

  • CARE (Care Arkansas Rescue Effort) for Animals: While this nonprofit does not have a shelter facility, it relies on numerous volunteers to foster adoptable pets at their home. CARE's headquarters and gift shop is located at 5516 Kavanaugh Blvd., where adoptable pets are available to meet the public from 11 a.m - 2 p.m. each Saturday. What's great is that you can have a weeklong trial run with an animal of choice to see if its the right fit for the home. Available adoptable CARE pets can be viewed on their site or on Petfinder.
  • Humane Society of Pulaski County: The private, no-kill shelter, located at 14600 Colonel Glenn, rescues a variety of animals and cares for them until a safe and caring home is secured. Adoption fees are $60 for adult dogs and cats over 6 months of age. For small breed dogs or puppies or kittens under 6 months old, it’s $90. See a full list of adoptable pets here.
  • Little Rock Animal Village: The LRAV, 4500 S. Kramer St., houses Little Rock Animal Services, providing not only a safe shelter for abandoned and lost animals, but also a vet clinic for its animals, as well as low-cost spay/neuter services. The shelter has a big in-house staff and numerous volunteers and fosterers who help take care of its animals. The adoption fee is $90 and include several vet services. Adoptable animals can be found here.

Of course, there are many other shelters in the area where you can give a great home to a rescue animal. If you're outside of the Little rock neck of the woods, here are some to look at:

North Little Rock: North Little Rock Animal Shelter

Benton/Benton area: Saline County Humane Society

Conway area: Faulkner County Humane Society

Jacksonville: Jacksonville Animal Shelter