Tonight (Feb. 19), local Vino's brews will be paired with delicious grub from The House for a special Vino's Beer Dinner.

Love Vino Brewpub's microbrews and The House's yummy grub?

You're in luck.

The two are pairing up a special Vino's Beer Dinner tonight (Feb. 19) at The House, 722 N. Palm, Little Rock.

The menu will consist of Hearts of Palm Dip paired with a Rock Island Steam and Strawberry Chevre Salad with a Razorbock brew, as well as the Thai Green Curry Bowl that is accompanied with a Quapaw Quarter Porter and Fish and Chips with the Quachita ESB. Customers can also get an Apple Bourbon Burger paired with Lights Out Imperial Dark IPA.

Get more information about the types of brewskis paired with each item here.

What's great is that it's not a prix fixe menu-- customers can order as many or as few items as they want.

Check out the full menu here and call (501) 663-4500 to make reservations and for more information about the dinner.