The Academy Awards show is coming up Sunday and even though many won't be able to attend the super-glamorous show, you can still create a little fun with a watch party.

With the help of, here are some tips on creating your very own Hollywood-style party at home:

Choose a themed menu based on your favorite nominated movie to serve your guests before or during the show. If you want to do something simpler, however, you can whip up some of these recipes:

In addition to your already fabulous dishes, serve up some popcorn during the show to create a movie theater atmosphere. If you're wanting to skip the microwave popcorn, try the Buffalo Ranch Popcorn. It sounds delicious!

And to amp up the glamour, pull out all of the stops. Serve the meal on your best china and uncork a bottle of champagne. Decorate with gold, silver or other metallic objects for the ultimate blingin' party!

For something extra fun, download ballots with all of the nominees from and at the end of the party, give a prize to the guest who picked the most award-winners. A basket of chocolates or movie tickets make awesome prizes!

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