Hot Dog Mike is returning to Little Rock with Phase II of his company.

This is huge news for Little Rock foodies and Hot Dog Mike fans!

According to the Hot Dog Mike website, it was announced today (March 4):

"Michael Juiliano – aka Hot Dog Mike – has returned to Little Rock to develop a multi-cart operation dedicated to providing both an opportunity and a working wage for those that have the 'Hot Dog Mike spirit' through a new organization he envisions as being community-centric."

It also goes on to say that Juiliano is also developing his own brand of Hot Dog Mike hot dogs and products that will be available at local grocers, with a portion of the proceeds going back into the community.

And while he is organizing the structure of his new venture and developing new recipes, Juiliano will be based out of NYPD Pizza, 6015 Chenonceau Blvd., Little Rock, where owner Ron Logan will be assisting with the Hot Dog Mike Phase II project.

Juiliano will be at NYPD Pizza on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. Although not serving his usual hot dogs, he’ll be developing a signature Hot Dog Mike pizza.

How exciting!