Hipper and more laid-back than its cousin to the north, Hillcrest is full of beautiful turn-of-the-century homes and cottages. Home prices are lower than in The Heights, and there are more rental options as well. Charming Craftsman bungalows, American Foursquare houses and two-story Tudor-style homes sit cozily along oak-lined streets. In the mornings and evenings, residents (mostly young professionals and active and artistic types) emerge to walk pets along Kavanaugh Boulevard. All day long, the historic district’s diverse shops and restaurants bustle with customers. And at night, voices carry across the neighborhood from the patios of favored gathering spots like Ciao Baci, The House, U.S. Pizza’s patio, The Fountain and more.

Like The Heights, Hillcrest’s industry consists mostly of retail, dining and service-oriented businesses. In both neighborhoods, most businesses are located along main thoroughfare, Kavanaugh Boulevard, and the patrons tend to be middle- to upper-class.

Hillcrest is always having people over — especially when the local merchants host “Shop ‘N’ Sip” on the first Thursday of every month. Businesses stay open late and invite customers to enjoy a glass of wine and refreshments while they shop. After shopping, plan on dinner at a local eatery, like Café Bossa Nova or Acadia. Hillcrest is also home to beautiful Allsopp Park, which boasts trails, tennis courts, a playground and more than 10,000 annual visitors every year.

Pink Hillcrest Home
The Hillcrest neighborhood in Little Rock features charming boutiques, an array of restaurants and homes of all shapes, sizes and colors.
Outside of Ferneau in Hillcrest

With its own downtown area, visitors and locals alike find Hillcrest to be one of Little Rock’s most charming areas.

U.S. Pizza

Over an amazing 37 years, U.S. Pizza has become synonymous with great pizza, fresh salads (with that wonderful dressing), and the coldest beer in town! Since 1972, customers have known that owner Judy Waller is committed to providing Central Arkansas with the best possible atmosphere and personable staff to make you feel right at home. Come enjoy the nicest patio in Little Rock at the new Hillcrest location or one of the other patios at the Rodney Parham, Heights, or McCain locations. The newest restaurant has the nicest patio in North Little Rock, overlooking JFK Boulevard. • 2710 Kavanaugh blvd., Little Rock. (501) 580-5875.


Ferneau is among the Little Rock restaurants participating in September's Savor the City. 

Hillcrest Promenade at Allsopp Park

The Promenade at Allsopp Park is a popular place to spot Hillcrest natives walking, visiting or even sometimes, gathering for an impromptu acoustic performance.

Unique Dishwear at The Full Moon in Hillcrest

The Full Moon is dubbed "Little Rock's Most Unique Gift Shop" and has a variety of goods for all tastes and styles.

The Full Moon in Hillcrest

Dubbed as "Little Rock's Most Unique Gift Shop", The Full Moon provides numerous items for all styles and tastes.

So Restaurant
Image by Michael Pirnique
A splashy nightspot in Hillcrest, So restaurant-bar's designer drinks complement a refined menu.
Hocott's Garden Center
Image by Graycen Colbert
Hocott's Garden Center is one of many locally-owned businesses in Hillcrest.