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Inside the 2014 Issue of Arkansas Next: A Guide to Life After High School
Students, teachers, guidance counselors and parents, we are excited to present our latest (and what we think is our greatest) edition of Arkansas Next: A Guide to Life After High School. If you've read Arkansas Next before, you know we're the go-to resource for students in the state, helping them choose a college, pick a major, find financial aid, and so much more. (If you haven't, well, now you do.) What we love most about the 2014 issue is that...
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Laptop Giveaway Winner: Ninth Grader Collin Steele of Greene County Tech Junior High
Collin Steele, a ninth-grade student at Greene County Tech Junior High in Paragould, is the latest lucky winner of the Arkansas Next: A Guide to Life After High School laptop giveaway provided by Best Buy! The Arkansas Next team went to Paragould to hand-deliver the surprise to Collin and his career orientation teacher Mrs. Combs. Students can enter the Arkansas Next laptop giveaway by filling out the response card inserted...
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Conway Junior High School Student Nicholas Bryant Wins NEXT Laptop Giveaway!
Nicholas Bryant, an 8th-grade student at Conway Junior High School, is one of the lucky winners of the Next: A Guide to Life After High School laptop giveaway provided by Best Buy! The Arkansas Next team went to meet Nicholas, his family and his counselor Shawn Finch to surprise him with the news today.  His teacher Mrs. McCullom encouraged her students to fill out the Arkansas Next reader response card that won him the laptop. Stay tuned for...
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Students & Counselors, May 8 Is the Last Chance To Win a FREE Laptop!
Hey, students and counselors! Next week is the last chance for students to fill out the Arkansas Next: A Guide to Life After High School reader response card. By filling out the survey, students can sign up to get information about particular schools at no cost. Plus, they'll automatically be entered to win one of five free laptops provided by Best Buy, and one lucky teacher or counselor will be drawn to win a free iPad! Visit
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Welcome to Arkansas NEXT 2014

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Inside Arkansas Next, you’ll find tips for excelling in high school, advice for scoring scholarships and financial aid, and information about Greek life, study abroad, college majors, campus life, volunteering, interviews, internships and more. There are stories that reveal the monetary rewards of pursuing higher education and that give you insight into thriving Arkansas industries where you can find jobs after graduation. And be sure to scan...
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Science, Technology, Engineering, Math: Why it's Cool to Take More STEM Classes
Looking for an exciting and in-demand career choice? Statistics show that an education in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) can be the answer for students looking for big salaries and stable employment. Not only did STEM jobs grow three times as fast as non-STEM jobs in the past 10 years, but STEM workers earned 26 percent more than those working in other areas. Not to mention the U.S. Department of Labor projects that by 2018...
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How To Go to College for Free In 4 Easy Steps
Higher education can be surprisingly affordable — even free. Follow our step-by-step plan to pay as little as possible for your degree. Step 1: Fill out the FAFSA Why? Why not? After all, it is called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Oh, and it’s your only shot for federal dollars like the Pell Grant, which offers up to $5,645 for 2013-14. The amount you get is based on demonstrated financial need, cost of attendance and enrollment...
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5 Nontraditional Ways to Pay for College
That piggy bank college fund won’t last long as your college expenses start to stack up. College costs more than ever, and you may have to get creative to walk away four years later with money still in your wallet. While some students might turn to the usual ways of making a little cash, here are a few not-so-obvious ideas to think about: BEGIN AT A COMMUNITY COLLEGE When that four-year college sticker shock hits you, consider starting off at...
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