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Heifer International

I lead Heifer International's work in Africa, which is the largest portfolio of our global program. I work with a small team here at the world headquarters in Little Rock, and together we support a larger team of men and women in Africa to develop and implement projects addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty, empowering women and rebuilding fragmented communities. I've been with Heifer International for 13 years.

People often underestimate the power of...
prayer, remaining still, truly listening, a smile and a great pair of high heels. For me, a true sign of power is the ability to retain your authentic self, regardless of your changing stature in life.

I feel most powerful when...
I am speaking the truth, even when the stakes are high.

If I weren't doing this job, I'd be...
If I weren't doing this job, I would be an artist.

Why do you love your career?
I believe I am doing exactly what I was put on Earth to do: serve the poor and hungry, especially women.

What does your future hold?
Only God and a Magic Eight Ball know what my future holds. I would never have dreamed I'd be where I am now. What I do know is that regardless of where life takes me, I always want to enjoy the ride.

What's a fact about yourself that will surprise people?
I have a saucy sense of humor. I come across as measured, but I can get quite mischievous.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have given yourself as you were starting out?
I would have told my younger self to dream bigger. I had very humble ideas about the things I wanted to do, and my experiences have far exceeded those dreams. I say plan and just enjoy the ride. Much of it is luck, but luck favors the prepared.

Favorite restaurant:

Favorite music:
All kinds

Favorite book:
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Favorite gadget:
I don't like gadgets.

Favorite destination in Arkansas:
My home - there's no place like it.